Rudisha Foundation Sponsorship Children

In January 2013, Moses Msuya and Amanda Strowbridge-Msuya made a commitment to give back to a child who was less fortunate than themselves and sponsor school fees until she finished secondary school.  With the help of Martha Msuya they were able to send a child to school for her first time. A child that without donation or sponsorship, would not be able to attend school.

When Moses, Martha and Amanda shared their gesture of sponsorship with their family and friends they were most grateful to learn, they too were willing to give back to children who seek an education, but do not have the opportunity. With continued support from sponsorship and donations from family and friends, Moses, Martha and Amanda have created the “Rudisha Foundation” which provides funds for these children to have the opportunity to attend school in and around Moshi, Tanzania.

The schools are very strict with attendance, especially when children are being sponsored. Rudisha Foundation invites you to follow along and watch the success of these children. We encourage you to send letters which we will deliver to your sponsor child. 

As the schools are very strict that each attending student must have fully intact and proper uniforms, the Rudisha Foundation covered the costs for TWO new uniforms and shoes for each child. It is our hope that we can continue to provide this same standard for each child every year. All children enrolled in the Rudisha Foundation are provided with school uniforms, backpacks, pencils and required notebooks, these items are covered by the donation fund and sponsorship.

Moses, Martha and Amanda are ever grateful for new sponsors or donations that will help the Rudisha Foundation continue to make a difference in the lives of these children. A small amount, goes a long way! With continued support we are happy to be able to help you make a difference. All donations and sponsorship funds go directly to the above mentioned school costs. No administrative fees are deducted from your donations. 

DSC 0214(2)School fees for each child vary depending on; the school they attend (private or government), the grade each student attends and how many supplies they may need for the full year. Private schools offer a better education, however, they can be up to triple the price of local government schools. We are hopeful that one day we may have of the children in private schools.

What started out as a wish to help a child in need turned into MUCH more!